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Culinary Artist Expands Business in Reidsville, NC

Abigail Carter refers to herself as a dreamer and if you look at her career path, you would quickly see she is turning those dreams into reality in her hometown of Reidsvillle, NC.

Like many small town youth, Abigail ventured off for a few years to explore the big cities and pursue her career dreams. She attended The International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach and not long after returned to Reidsville and opened her shop - The Boardwalk Baker.

When asked how she got started, Abigail will say, "I just went for it." In fact, her slogan for the business is "Just do the dang thing."

On a recent Facebook post Abigail talks about creating a vision board for a "Future Bakery" and her journey back to Reidsville to open her shop. She also talks about her passion and states, "I am one that if I see something I want, I am going to give it all I have to get there. I don't want to ever have to live with the regret of what if."

We are glad she saw her dream through and made the decision to come back to Reidsville and bless us with her delicious confectionaries. She opened the Boardwalk Baker in 2020 and recently celebrated expansion of that business into a mobile unit for onsite events and festivals.

Her delicious treats will have your mouth watering. Specialities include custom birthday and wedding cakes, themed royal icing cookies and of course her sought after cheesecakes!

Follow the Boardwalk Baker on Facebook to find out the next location to satisfy your sweet tooth fix!

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