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New Production Technician Classes Announced at Rockingham Community College

The Manufacturing Certified Production Technician training provides you with the core knowledge and skills required for frontline manufacturing jobs. The course educates you in 4 production modules: safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness.

Skills Learned:

- Identifying unsafe conditions and corrective action to take

- Effective, safety-enhancing practices

- Continuous improvement

- Quality problems and communication

- Equipment set-up

- Coordinating work flow

- Complying with customer requirements

- Preventive maintenance and routine repair

- Monitoring indicators

- Recognizing maintenance issues with basic systems (e.g. electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic)

Upon successful completion, Rugar will offer interviews with students that meet qualifications for open positions.

Training fund are available. Call Rockingham Community College at 336-342-4261 ext 2107 for more information.

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