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Reidsville Belk Store #1 in Profit

What was the most profitable store in the entire Belks company in 2016? Reidsville!

The Reidsville Belks store in Pennrose Mall is by no means the largest store in the Belks chain, but it was the most profitable last year among the 293 locations.

Store Manager Michel Cook accepted the award earlier this year as the Reidsville Store won #1 Sales Performance throughout the entire company. The award recognized the Reidsville location for having the best sales in the Belks family throughout the timeframe February of 2016 to January of 2017.

“All of our customers made it possible,” said an enthusiastic Ms. Cook. “We couldn’t do it without them.”

Reidsville received the award because the store achieved 10.3% more in sales than the year before. This is the first time the local location has ever received the honor.

Store size is based on sales volume, according to Sandra Moore, who heads Human Resources at the local store. Reidsville is among the smallest locations. However, when Ms. Michel Cook came to the store in 2012, her goal from day one was to take the small store to the next level, Ms. Moore said. The smallest stores in the Belk chain are at $3 million in sales volume. The next level is a $5 million in sales store. Last year the Reidsville store barely missed the $4 million mark, she stated.

Moore credits Ms. Cook’s leadership as she has gotten the store and its associates more involved in the community. The store has been reaching out on social media like Facebook, and Cook’s excitement in making Reidsville “the best store” is rubbing off on all of the associates, Moore explained. Cook is big on customer service and Reidsville has been blessed with very loyal customers, she added.

“We really appreciate all the contributions that Belk has made for our City and our neighbors,” said Reidsville Mayor Jay Donecker. “We are excited about the progress they have been making because it helps not only the store but also positively impacts our residents.”

Diane Sawyer, Reidsville Chamber of Commerce President, agrees. “We are so proud of our Reidsville Belk store. The performance of the store is truly amazing,” she said. “With only a small space with limited ability to expand physically, they have still been able to bring their customers the best products and brands the store has to offer.”

What can local residents do to help the lone Belks location in Rockingham County reach its goal of attaining the next level in sales? First, know that the local store gets no credit for sales if you buy online and there is a shipping charge. However, you can check out what is available online, call the Reidsville store and let them place the order for you with no shipping charge. The order will be credited to the local store and can be shipped to your home. If you shop at the Reidsville store and they don’t have your size, let one of the associates know. They can order it for you and again, the order can be shipped directly to your home. You get your merchandise and the Reidsville Belk gets to the next level – a $5 million in sales store!

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