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Reidsville Provides $95,000 in Grants to Assist Revitalization in Downtown

Downtown Reidsville

Reidsville has an up and coming downtown in Rockingham County. The City with a population of over 14,000 has a beautiful downtown that has been and continues to be revitalized. The Reidsville Downtown Corporation a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing the downtown through promotions and events, building renovations and assisting small businesses, is an anchor to all the revitalization that is happening.

In 2021 the Corporation offered three different grant programs: Paint Grants, Rehabilitation Grants and a Duke Energy Grants. The Paint Grant is intended to encourage property owners to follow a paint palette for their building exterior that brings back the history and charm of that façade and the time it was built. The Rehabilitation Grant is designed for renovations and restoration projects that beautify the buildings back to their historic structures.

The City of Reidsville was one of only two cities in the region to receive a new grant through Duke Energy. Duke Energy donated $25,000 to downtown Reidsville to support small businesses who suffered hardships during COVID. Because of this gracious grant, the Reidsville Downtown Corporation was able to serve 10 businesses at $2,500 each to recover some of the cost of changes made in their business model due to COVID.

If you are looking to open a business in a charming and growing downtown, Reidsville is the ideal location. Located near Greensboro and the future I-785 bypass in Rockingham County, Reidsville is 30 minutes from Greensboro and 30 minutes from Alamance County. “It is amazing to me that we had several new businesses open during COVID.

That just proves that downtown Reidsville can survive and thrive during difficult times. This community loves their City, and it shows, said Jill Weston, Main Street Manager for the City of Reidsville. The City is seeking diversity in its downtown and is specifically in need of restaurants, boutiques and specialty stores, a wine bar and other businesses that make a downtown especially unique and interesting.

For more information on downtown Reidsville, contact Jill Weston, Main Street Manager at or visit the Rock it in Reidsville website at

Take a closer look at Reidsville and find out for yourself why so many businesses are choosing to “Rock it in Reidsville”! Visit us online to see what all Reidsville has to offer at

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