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Please play for fun -- and to support local eateries! 
Order curbside service or delivery from local restaurants and you might win a prize! Collect five receipts to enter weekly drawings for gift cards; a FULL card can win $250 cash!

IT'S EASY! Submit receipts from FIVE eateries (does not have to be in a row!) to be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card.  Takeout Bingo will run for eight weeks -- four winners will be announced each Tuesday (First drawing: May 5 - Final Drawing: June 23).


EMAIL ENTRIES (scan or screenshot) to


On June 23, there will also be a drawing for a $250 cash prize, sponsored by the
Reidsville Chamber of Commerce and Reidsville Downtown Corporation.

Submit receipts from all 25 eateries to be entered in the cash drawing!

Participating Restaurants
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